Analysis laboratory

The laboratory plays a decisive role in ensuring and certifying the quality of the finished leather.
The hides are subjected to stringent tests to assess their chemical-physical properties and verify their conformity to the specifications issued by the car manufacturers.
In this respect, Mario Levi is prominent thanks to the expertise of its professional staff and the use of advanced technologies that can attest product quality from the scientific standpoint.
This guarantees a quality that exceeds just a pleasant appearance.


 flessimetroThe tests are carried out by means of a wide range of instruments, including: cold and room temperature FLEXIMETERS; DYNAMOMETERS for careful assessment of mechanical strength; wear resistance is determined by means of TABER, MIÈ and CESCONI machines; finish quality control is by means of stringent and specific light fastness and aging resistance tests.


foggingVolatile substance emissions are measured by means of FOGGING TESTS.
The fogging test makes it possible to reproduce extreme temperature conditions inside the vehicle and hence assess the development of condensation phenomena, which must take place according to specific requirements to prevent the risk of windscreen fogging.


tablerThe tests performed in a CLIMATIC CHAMBER make it possible to verify the behaviour of the leather in extreme situations, and to determine its long-term performance.
Besides the normal tests, other tests are carried out based on specific requests by the automakers, including rubbing tests conducted with various materials, as well as other tests designed to guarantee product stability and a long service life.