Our History


The company was established over 70 years ago by the entrepreneur Mario Levi-Gattinara and for 50 years it served as a benchmark for leather interiors upholstery in the automotive sector. Mario Levi-Gattinara learnt the trade by attending the tanning school in Turin, the most prestigious one in the country at the time, and later graduated in industrial chemistry. A long-serving consultant to the United Nations for industrial development in Latin America, as well as a consultant of the Industrialconsult of Rome for feasibility studies in South America, Mr. Levi was a prominent figure in the tanning industry.

Guido Levi

From the 1990s, ML underwent significant growth, increasing its production capacity and becoming entirely independent in terms of the selection and supply of unprocessed material.
Along with the supply of whole hide and cut parts, the Group’s industrial business was completed with the introduction, more than ten years ago, of the production for sewn covers.

Its leather culture and forward-thinking entrepreneurial policy have allowed the Group to carve out for itself a leading role at an international level.