To face the growing demand of an increasingly demanding market that requires more flexibility and a shorter time-to-market, one always needs to have cutting-edge manufacturing processes inspired by innovative technologies
In recent years, Mario Levi steadily increased the number of new contracts and customers. The positive trend has ‘forced’ the company to find solutions to increase production, speed up its time-to-market, while ensuring the flexibility required to manage the constant increase in demand of an expanding market.
Important investments have been done to fitting the systems with automatic cutting technology, and the choice fell on the competence and experience in the sector of Lectra. The integration of the Versalis® system in the production process introduced a huge change from the die-cutting system previously used by Mario Levi.
With the Versalis® system, the company acquired greater efficiency and speed in managing the variety of products and, above all, the complexity of production processes to cope with an increasing demand for leather seat covers. “The introduction of an automatic cutting system together with Lectra has allowed us to speed up our response times and increase the flexibility of production processes,” says Lele Ogliaro Operation Manager of Mario Levi.
Versalis’ integrated software suite and productivity analysis reports have become essential elements for the company, which has been able to better monitor hide consumption, assess the performance of the system and compare productivity with set objectives.
“By using the monitors, we can systematically evaluate the hide yield and have immediate feedback on performance,” says Mr Gianfranco Tinini , Cutting plant Manager. “With the Leather Reporting software, we can assess performance in terms of quantity, the levels of machine use, working time and products made. As a result, we can make comparisons and talk with the operators, with a focus on continuous improvement.”
But that’s not all. Indeed, Mario Levi has launched a Lean Manufacturing consultancy project with Lectra that will enable the company to further streamline its processes, providing the company’s offices, both in Italy and abroad, with the innovative technology required to be successful at a global level.

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